EP 450 TRP

EP 450 TRP

Used for SD-SSD
Max. Load 0.75 kW
Operating voltage 400 / 3~
Temperature range –10 / +45
Control voltage (V) 24 V
Mains frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
With integrated frequency converter -
Setting Opening Speed -
Setting Closing Speed -
Additional 2nd speed adjustable in CLOSING direction -
Separately adjustable beginning and end rotation speeds for both directions -
End position setting
Mechanical limit switches
End position setting
Absolute encoder
LCD monitor with clear text display
Illuminated buttons (find in the dark)
Emergency stop button -
Connection for safety edge system
(opto, air pressure safety edge or leading photoelectric
Connections for radio module
Programmable relay outputs with 14 functions -
Programmable traffic light function (two-way traffic) -
Controlling a dock leveller with swing lip -
Controlling a dock leveller with a telescoping lip
Integrated door operation counter
Integrated error memory
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